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Linux CPU Hotplug in VMware


  • CPU Hotplug is activated: VMware: Edit Settings -> Options -> Memory/CPU Hotplug -> CPU Hotplug
  • Note: You can only add CPU sockets. If you have configured more e.g. 4 cores per socket you can only add cores in steps of 4cpu-hotadd

Adding CPUs:

  • Raise the assigned sockets in the settings
  • Activate the added cores with the script below
cd /sys/devices/system/cpu
for i in cpu*/online
  if [ "`cat $i`" = "0" ]
    echo 1 > $i

Linux Memory Hotplug in VMware


  • Memory Hotplugging is activated for the VM: VMware: Edit Settings -> Options -> Memory/CPU Hotplug -> Memory Hot Add
  • Kernel module acpi_memhotplug is loaded

Memory expansion:

  • Raise assigned memory in the VM settings
  • RAM has to be taken online in the VM. For this execute the script below
cd /sys/devices/system/memory
for i in memory*
  if [ "`cat $i/state`" = "offline" ]
    echo "online" > $i/state;

I have tested this with SLES11 SP1,SP2 und SP3

vCenter SSO Upgrade Error 1603

Two days after release of vSphere 5.5 i have tried the upgrade of our vCenter and it was not a “Next-Next-Finish” thing.

During the upgrade of the SSO service a rollback happens and the only thing i found in the logfiles was a cryptic error 1603.

After a longer search i found a thread in the VMTN forums Error Upgrading vCenter Single Sign-on to 5.5 and one post directed me in the right direction.

One key in the windows registry was empty: HKLM\SOFTWARE\VMware, Inc.\VMware Infrastructure\SSOServer\FqdnIp
After i filled this key with the FQDN of our server, the install work flawlessly.